O' Christmas Tree
Enjoy a short unedited and unbeta'd read. Written as a fun gift for a friend for the holidays. Click the link above to read.

My m/m/m story written for the 2014 GoodReads M/M Romance Group Love's Landscapes Event

Tyler is faced with a difficult choice. There are two men who want his love and Tyler must decide. Who will he share his life with, the man who helped him learn to live again? Or the lover he’d thought was dead… but wasn’t.

Here's a little writing prompt exercise I did. My goal was to force myself to pound out (immature giggle) at least 1,000 words in less than two hours. I accomplished the goal and you get to read the results. It's PWP - porn without plot - and barely self-edited. Enjoy it anyway!

Words: 1,552
Total Time: 1 hour 40 minutes (including basic proof reading & editing)

Alex rang the bell and waited. The light shone through the windows that ran alongside the door. The light was warm, the house was not. Even with just the glimpse Alex had, he could tell that the house was blank, sterile and cold. White walls and no adornments. It didn’t fit the man who lived there and Alex wanted to change that. He wanted to change so many things for Professor Dan Stephens.

The door opened and Alex forgot his thoughts of fixing up the cold house until it was a home. Because when the door opened it revealed the man Alex had been carrying feelings for for the past two and a half years. Those feelings had started as a crush. Now they’d morphed into love. Alex wanted to share that love, he just needed Dan to let it happen.

"Alex, what are you doing here?"

"I came to talk to you. Can I come in?"

Dan roughly ran a hand through the thick black waves of his hair. “I don’t think so, Alex. It’s not a good idea for students to visit their professors at their homes.” Dan looked around like he was expecting to see the Dean peering around the bushes. “You should go.”

But Alex wasn’t going to give up that easily. They’d shared an almost kiss in Dan’s office earlier that day when Alex had finally confessed his feelings so he knew that Dan was interested. “I’m not your student anymore. I haven’t been for over a year, you know that.” A cold gust of wind blew through the night, making his pop his coat collar up around his ears. “Can I please come in? It’s cold out here.”
Alex saw a muscle bunch in Dan’s jaw but he finally stepped back and let him in. Alex entered the stark white foyer and closed the door behind him.

"Alex, why are you here? I think we said everything that needed to be said and concluded our conversation this morning."

Alex shook his head. “No. That’s not exactly how it went. I told you that I had feelings for you. But you know that. You’ve always known that. And you listened. You listened to what I had to say and you let me get close. But then you closed up. Told me I was being foolish and left.” Alex stared up into Dan’s cool gray eyes. “Why did you leave if you were open to what I had to say?”

Dan cleared his throat. “You read me wrong. I only listened to be polite. And I let you get close because I was surprised. I’ve never had one of my students express feelings for me before.”

Alex wanted to stomp his foot in frustration, but he held back. Stomping and pouting like a kid wouldn’t help him prove his point. “Again, I’m not your student. I’m not even your TA anymore. I’m just a man who finds you attractive.” Alex took a step forward. “I admire you.” He laughed slightly. “I remember when I was your student, how I would sit in that lecture hall and watch you pacing back and forth, talking about knights and battles and William the Bastard. Every now and then you would look at me and smile and I thought I would explode with joy. Then when I was your TA, all the time I got to spend with you, getting to know you… I fell a little bit more in love every day. And now that I’m not your TA anymore you still call me up to meet for a drink. To watch a game or to discuss what would have happened if Alfred had never marched North.”

Alex took another step forward. “I’m not dumb, I see the way you look at me when you think I’m not looking. I feel it when you walk next to me, your hand every so often touching the small of my back before you remember and take it away. You want me just as much as I want you.”

Alex took the last step to bring them together, the only thing separating them the bulk of his coat. “Tell me you don’t. Tell me you don’t want to kiss me, that you didn’t want to kiss me earlier today and I’ll leave. But if I go, I won’t come around any more. I can’t be near you, falling in love with you, if you won’t even acknowledge what’s between us.” Alex wasn’t used to being the aggressor. But he knew that in this case he didn’t have a choice. He leaned up to whisper against Dan’s firm lips. “Tell me.”  

Dan stared down at him, his cool gray gaze warming with arousal. But that muscle clenched in his jaw again and Alex knew he was still trying to hold back.

"Alex, you’re right we’ve become good friends-."

Alex shook his head. “No. Don’t throw any speeches at me. Either kiss me or tell me to go. For good.”
Alex waited, his heart pounding, his breathing short and quick. He saw Dan swallow hard. Then a look of resolve crossed his face just before it lowered to his. When Dan’s lips touched his, Alex’s heart sped up even more, racing swiftly. In contrast, Dan’s  arms went around him slowly, like he was testing him to see if this was what he really wanted. But Alex didn’t need to be tested. He knew that Dan was what he wanted.
He melted against the hard strength of Dan’s chest, parting his lips for the seeking warmth of his tongue. When he did, Dan groaned and hauled him up close against him. The kiss turned rough and deep and Alex wrapped his arms around Dan’s neck hanging on, giving him all the control. Alex moaned a protest when Dan pulled back.

"This is what you want?"

Alex nodded.

"We’ll have to keep this a secret. Until you graduate and maybe for a little bit after. Can you handle that?"
Alex nodded again and licked his lips, tasting Dan on his skin. Those gray eyes followed the movement, the warmth in them now stoked to the molten heat of passion. Dan yanked him into his arms, slamming their lips back together. Alex started struggling to get out of his coat and Dan’s hands came up to assist him. Alex finally shrugged out of the coat and went to wrap his arms back around Dan. But he shook his head, his fingers slipping under his sweater to trail up and down his spine.

"Off. I want all your clothes off. I’ve been picturing you naked and trying not to jerk off to it for two goddamn years." He kissed him hard, opening his jeans at the same time. "And I’ve failed. Almost every time I failed. Sometimes all it took was a smile from you to get me going. And I would know that night I’d be thinking about what you tasted like."

Alex moaned, his head falling back on his shoulders as Dan’s tongue slid into his mouth, slow and wicked, making him arch up against him. Dan’s hands pushed into his opened jeans, cupping his ass and pressing them close together. Alex shivered. He felt the thickness of Dan’s erection, barely contained by his own half-opened pants. He circled his hips, pressing their cocks together. Dan hissed at the contact.

"Patience," he breathed against his mouth.

Alex shook his head circling his his ups again, harder this time. “Two years. I’ve been patient for two and a half years.” 

Dan groaned low in his throat. His mouth crashed onto his in a wild kiss, their hands pulling off clothes and stroking over skin until they were both naked, right their in the front hallway. Dan backed up, pulling Alex with him. He sat on the wall ledge, wincing slightly as the cool material touched his bare skin. But he didn’t let it stop him. He spread his legs and pulled Alex between them.

Alex went willingly, but Dan’s hand still slipped down and grabbed his ass, squeezing hard, almost desperately, like he was afraid Alex would slip away. But Alex wasn’t going anywhere. Not now that he had what he’d been dreaming about for what seemed like forever. He rubbed his body up against his new lover’s, reaching for the the thick cock that stretched up between them. When he had him in his hand, Alex had to bite back a moan. He was thick, the skin hot yet silky soft as he throbbed against his palm. Alex stroked his hand up and down Dan’s rigid cock, spreading the slippery pre-cum beading on the tip through his fingers to make everything wet and slick so he could pump faster. As fast as Dan was encouraging him to do in between rough and wicked kisses.

Sparks of pleasure streaked through his body as Dan gripped his shaft and began stroking him too. They stayed there in the foyer, naked bodies rubbing and pressing together, Dan’s hand still squeezing his ass, rough hands stroking and pumping until they both came. Their muscles went rigid, hot panting breaths flowing between them as they released into each others hands, onto the skin of their bellies, before Alex finally collapsed against Dan.

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