Thursday, July 31, 2014

Let's Talk About Sex, Baby!

I walk the line. A fine line between too much sex, even for an erotic romance. Okay, actually I probably fall over that line, but I'm okay with that. Why? Because I don't write sex just for the sake of sex.

I won't have my characters boinking gratuitously because there's been 100 pages since the last time they boinked. But I will write sex in order to move the plot along. In my stories, when my characters get horizontal (or vertical against the wall, whatever) it's because one or both of them wants something. Or maybe they're trying to say something but sex is easier than finding the right words. Regardless, sex is important and meaningful in the relationships of the characters I write. There's always a reason behind it.

I know that not everyone will enjoy reading all the smut on the pages of my books, and that's okay. There's been plenty of times where I've skipped over a sex scene in a book, but that doesn't mean I didn't go back and read it later. Every time I think about changing the way I tell my stories, I think back to a review I saw on Amazon for The Sergeant. "I hope the author doesn't change her writing style." Was she referring to all the horizontal mambo going on with Logan and Clay? No clue. But I appreciated that she liked my style enough to take the time to put it in a review.

Does that mean that I don't think I should change anything about my writing? Hell no! I know I have lots of learning and improving to do as a writer. I look forward to seeing how my writing will mature over the years. But the basic way I tell a story, I think that will stay the same.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Never Give Up! (Except When You Should)

I don't know if it's because I'm from Missouri and I won't believe it until you Show Me or because I'm a bull-headed Taurus. Regardless, I am one stubborn miss. You see, I made this plan on what I would write next. I had this great idea for a story between a doctor and a tattoo artist. I wrote an outline, did research, organized the chapters. I even had some good looking guys to use for my muses. I was ready. But when I sat down at my computer nothing came out. There was a short in the brain-fingers-keyboard connection.  I could see the story. But it wasn't sexy, there was no passion.

But you know what was sexy? The other story (okay stories) that was in my head. But I ignored it. I was determined to soldier on with the plan. Why? Two reasons. First, I felt that if I'm going to be a SERIOUS WRITER that I should be disciplined enough to finish what I started. So giving up on those boys felt like well ... giving up. Second, I've gained lots of followers in the m/m genre. And I hate to disappoint those readers that would like to see another m/m story from me. Hence the bullheadedness.

Still, when nothing came I asked for advice. I posted on Facebook, asked my sister and my mom. Should I write what I'd planned or move on to what my brain was screaming at me to do? EVERYBODY (including Kindle Alexander, she's really smart) told me to move on to what my brain was telling me to write. I got what they were saying. Really, I did. But I tried one last time to do the other story. Because I'm more stubborn than a Missouri mule apparently. So, there I was at my desk. Staring at a document that wouldn't move past 2500 jumbled words. Finally I gave a great big sigh and closed the document.

The second I went to pick up a notebook to start working on the story I really want to do, I got all giddy. Scenes and ideas popped into my head. Characters and plot points jumped onto note cards. I even have a title, which is normally the hardest thing for me to do. Today I made a playlist of songs to sing and dance to while I write. And I have plans for getting some face to face BDSM research done. When I picked up the pen to write the outline, the ink flowed smoothly across four pages. I accomplished all this in two days, whereas the other story took weeks. I feel good. Real good.

So what am I writing next? Well, you remember that awesome couple that helped Logan and Clay from The Sergeant work on their relationship? Now it's time for them to have their story told. Yep! Senior Corporal Carlos Ortega and Corporal Tiffany Jackson are determined to tell you how they became lovers and Dom and sub. So I'm going to let them. I'm excited to share their story with you and I hope you'll be just as excited to read it. It's a big relief and my brain is very happy that I've made this decision.

*As for the other stories I mentioned above - that's a secret project I'll be starting after Tiff and Los. Stay tuned!