Thursday, May 7, 2015


Original Prompt Image
This week I'm finishing up a short free read for a Goodreads group I'm a member of. The Goodreads M/M Romance group puts out a yearly anthology of stories written based on prompts and images provided by group members. I discovered the project last year and I picked a contemporary threesome prompt. I choose it because it was something I hadn't really done before, and I wanted the opportunity to challenge myself. This year I picked a historical prompt, which has Mars, the God of War, becoming embroiled in the passionate love affair of two warriors. Yummy, right?

Again, I wanted the challenge of doing something I hadn't really written before. When I was in middle school and first practicing writing romance novels, I wrote historicals because that's all I read. As an adult, however, I've only written and published contemporary stories. But I'm a big ole history nerd. I took multiple history classes in college because I thought they were fun. I used to binge watch The History Channel before they moved to all those reality shows. This prompt in particular is set in one of my favorite time periods. I love the ancient world. Xena: Warrior Princess is one of my favorite all time TV shows. Gladiator (hot damn Russell Crowe was hot in that movie) is in my top five favorite movies. And I love Starz's Spartacus series. I'm currently Netflix binging it since I didn't watch it when it aired. Andy Whitfield was glorious in the role. I'm on season two and still a little iffy on Liam McIntyre.
Andy Whitfield entering the arena as Spartacus. So glorious

Anyway, back to the purpose of this post. I'm enjoying putting my spin on the rough and brutal beauty of that era. And in the mental lineup of books I want to write, I've got plans for a series set in the ancient world. So this is great practice for me. Since I'm so excited for this year's story, I thought it would be nice to have my own cover made for it. The amazing Jay Aheer will be creating it for me. But before she gets to work, I need help picking the image she'll build the cover from! I have four pictures below. Let me know in the comments which you think would be best for the cover art. Each vote will be entered to win a prize!





Here's the fun prize the winner will receive, a pair of super cool Bookworm socks! Remember, leave your vote in the comments on this blog post to be entered. One entry per person, open to US only. Votes must be received by 12 am CST 5/7/15. Winner will be randomly selected from all votes posted. Thank you for helping me choose!



  1. I like option 1

    Deborah H

  2. I like option 4.
    Carol W

  3. grrr - didn't post my original post - and it was so well written too. now i will have to condense it and start over.
    Option 1 is my choice.
    Option 2 looks like a modern day costume fail.
    Option 3 is nice and classic but doesn't give me fantasy material.
    Option 4 is doesn't command me to pick up the book.
    Original Prompt makes me think the middle guy is prissy and high pitched and flamboyant.

  4. I like option #4 and loving thise socks!:Thanks forbthe chance! :)

    evjochum AT aol DOT com

  5. I like option 1.

    This is Chrissy V from m/m book rec

    1. Congrats Chrissy V! You are the winner of the awesome, nerdy Bookworm socks! Please email me at with your address so that I can mail them to you. Thank you for playing!

  6. (Not in US but throwing my vote in anyways) I, too, like option 1 the best!

  7. I don't need to enter the contest, but my vote is for #1. I guess number 4 would be second. Don't like #2.

  8. Definitely love one for the cover but think four would make a cool back image.

    Number two made me laugher harder than I should

    1. Lol. I have no idea what that thing on his crotch is supposed to be. A metal thong?

  9. Gah ok repost

    #3. Love it
    Those socks are freaking amazinggggg

    TY for chance!!! New story sounds interesting!!!

    Oorjanie at yahoo dot com

  10. Gotta go with option #4. Can't wait to read new story!! Thanks

  11. Option 1 all the way! It would make a hot cover! Love and obsess over Romans!

  12. They're all hot, but I think option one would make the best cover. Sometimes less is more.