Tuesday, January 27, 2015


As I write my romance series set in the world of professional wrestling, I will be creating all original characters. But, I still like to look at the real ones for inspiration. I know that some of you know of who these guys are. But some of you are, as my friend Denise puts it, wrestling virgins. So each week, I'll do a hot wrestler of the week profile. That way, everyone can get to know some of these wrestling gods. This week, the 2015 WWE Royal Rumble winner: Roman Reigns.

From: Florida
Age: 29
Promotion: WWE
Height: 6'3
Weight: 265

Roman is, as the announcers like to say, a power house. As a member of The Shield, the greatest faction ever, (Oops! My bias is showing) he was the muscle that put an emphatic end cap on the beatings his brothers, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins, dished out to opponents. He often puts guys down with a Spear, aka a running tackle. This move makes sense for him, since he played football in college.

Roman is also a member of the esteemed Anoa'i family, a powerful Samoan wrestling dynasty. Its members include The Wild Samoans, Yokuzuna, The Usos, Rikishi, and more. In fact, wrestling and Hollywood superstar Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, is Roman's cousin by marriage.

The Rock and Roman Reigns
The Rock raising Roman's hand in victory after the Royal Rumble

It's an exciting time for Roman Reigns, as he's chosen to be the next big thing for WWE. He'll have a bit of a struggle, since some of the fans aren't behind him. But that adversity is what builds a wrestler's character and makes their rise interesting to watch.

Roman is definitely gifted athletically.
Ring Apron Drop Kick

Superman Punch

But he's also very pretty! Thanks to his long, luscious locks, he's been given the nickname Samoan Silky. I think you can see why.

Unfortunately he's currently wrestling all covered up. But this is what he looks like when he stops being bashful and shows a little skin.

Well, I think my work this week is done. But before I go, put a bomb shield over your ovaries to keep them from exploding, because I've got a few more pics for ya.

Is this guy a freaking model?!

Getting ready to go out to the ring.
Want to see Roman Reigns in action? Check him out every Monday on RAW at 8/7 on USA. Or take a gander at the below clip. Thanks for reading!

Thanks to creators of pics, gifs, and videos. None of the images used are my own.


  1. I love you. For the amount of smexiness you bring into my life with those pics. ;)

    1. I love you for enjoying the sexy pics! =)