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As I write my romance series set in the world of professional wrestling, I will be creating all original characters. But, I still like to look at the real ones for inspiration. I know that some of you know of who these guys are. But some of you are, as my friend Denise puts it, wrestling virgins. So each week, I'll do a hot wrestler of the week profile. That way, everyone can get to know some of these wrestling gods. Next up, the master of the Ziggle Wiggle, Dolph Ziggler

From: Ohio
Age: 34
Promotion: WWE
Height: 6'0
The Ziggle Wiggle
Weight: 213

Dolph Ziggler is a great talent. He's been a fan of professional wrestling since he was a kid. In college he did amateur wrestling, setting a goal at his school for most career wins. On Colt Cabana's Art of Wrestling Podcast, he tells a hilarious story of how he convinced his wrestling team to come out to music just like they do in WWE.

Today, Ziggler is a baby face, or good guy. He's a top guy but not the top guy. But, he's on his way. Ziggler is definitely a crowd favorite. The internet wrestling community (IWC) is filled with people wanting the WWE to *push Ziggler. And he's worthy of it. He's a small guy in comparison to many of the giants in professional wrestling. (I met him in person once and was surprised at how "small" he is.) But he makes up for his size with charisma, talent out the wazoo, and a willingness to take insane hits.

Great Height on Ziggler's Drop Kick

Taking a Power Bomb Onto a Ladder

And unsurprisingly, Dolph and his Ziggle Wiggle are very popular eye candy. He's got a sculpted jawline, roughened by the perfect amount of stubble, a great physique, and other assets.

                    As it says on his spankies, he likes to show off. So I'm gonna let him do it. Enjoy!

        Dolph as Intercontinental Champion


Want to see Ziggler in action? Check out the below video, or watch him live on Monday Night RAW on USA 8/7 pm.

*A push in wrestling is when a wrestler gets put into top storylines, is chosen to win, and generally made into a star for the promotion.

Thank you to the creators of the pics, gifs, and videos used in this blog post. None of the images used are my own.

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