Tuesday, January 13, 2015


As I write my romance series set in the world of professional wrestling, I will be creating all original characters. But, I still like to look at the real ones for inspiration. I know that some of you know of who these guys are. But some of you are, as my friend Denise puts it, wrestling virgins. So each week, I'll do a hot wrestler of the week profile. That way, everyone can get to know these wrestling gods. First up, the man we like to call Crossfit Wrestling Jesus, Seth Rollins

From: Iowa
Age: 28
Promotion: WWE
Height: 6'1
Weight: 217


Although Seth is young, he's been doing this for a long time. The two pictures just above are from when he wrestled in the independents as Tyler Black in his early twenties.

He's also rather infamous for a role he did in his youth, Cyber Fights. How do I explain Cyber Fights? Well, it's not porn. But it's a way for pretty young wrestlers to showcase their talents and assets in order to make money. They wrestle in skimpy (skimpier than usual) trunks while getting themselves into suggestive (more suggestive than usual) positions. It goes on the internet, fans pay to watch it and the wrestler gets paid. Everyone is happy. Below, a few gifs from Cyber Fights, courtesy of P.o.J. from tumblr.

 Right now, Seth Rollins is the top heel, or bad guy, in the WWE. The WWE is the biggest wrestling promotion in the world, so he's at the top of the food chain. And his character is a smug little bastard who knows it.

Seth is also amazing in the ring and is an insane fitness nut. We call him Crossfit Jesus because he works out daily in Crossfit gyms across the world, in whatever city the promotion is in that week. And it shows.

Want to see Mr. Rollins in action? The link above will take you to a match featuring Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose. 

And that's hot wrestler of the week #1: Seth Rollins. You can learn more about him on his WWE profile and catch him Monday nights on RAW at 8/7 on USA.  Here's a few more pics of him before you go. Enjoy!



  1. So, I am starting to see the whole homo erotic thing going on....

  2. Hi. Are the books in the new series going to be M/M, M/F, or both???

    1. I plan to write both m/m and m/f. While the books are interconnected, you can read either the m/m or the m/f and still get the whole story. And if you read both, it'll be double the fun. =)

  3. Seth is one sexy looking man! And I'm from Iowa also! I just read your post in the 69 Shades of Smut newsletter and went and bought The Sergeant on amazon. I'm excited to read it! I'm currently reading mostly M/M books. Thanks for sharing your talent!

    1. Hello, Kay! Yes, Seth is very sexy. Do all the men in Iowa come like that? Lol. Thanks for checking out my book! I appreciate and hope you enjoy it.