Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Wrestling: Entertainment and Inspiration

Wrestling. I'm a big fan. But not of the collegiate / Olympic style. I mean professional wrestling. I've been a fan since I was a kid. My dad was in to it, and every Sunday morning my little brother and I would have our pancakes then sit on the floor to watch with him. In fact, some of my earliest memories are of attending wrestling matches.

The big shows were held at what used to be The Kiel. It was a great building. There was this long, smooth, circular ramp that lead up to the nosebleeds where we always sat. I remember sitting there in that smoky arena, watching Junk Yard Dog, Ric Flair, and the Von Erichs destroy each other in the ring. It was always a great night, but the only reason I was able to stay up for it is because my step mom would make me take a nap that I always swore I didn't need.

At one show, Bruiser Brody was in the ring, stomping around like a mad man. I leaned over to my Dad and went, "I think he's sexy." I couldn't have been more than six or seven so I don't even know how I knew that word. My dad just laughed and said, "What do you know about sexy?" I didn't have an answer of course. But that was clearly a bit of foreshadowing for the future grown up fan within me.
Bruiser Brody. The perfect man for a seven year old to think is sexy, right?

I wish I had pictures of me and my Dad at one of those long ago wrestling shows. I don't unfortunately, but I'll always have those memories in my head. And at least I have these pictures of us:
This is me and my wacky family going to a WCW show, probably around 1998-1999.

And this is me and my Dad at the WWE Royal Rumble in 2012.

Dean Ambrose. Maybe he is a bit skinny.
We still continue to go to shows. I think it's nice that we have it as a common interest. We even have some of the same favorites. My current fave is Dean Ambrose, or as my Dad says, "Oh, that skinny boy? I like him." If it were anyone else I'd pinch him until he took it back, Dean is a perfect male specimen after all. But it's my Dad so he gets a pass.

When I watched as a kid, I loved wrestling for the over the top characters, the story lines, and the wow moves in the ring. As an adult, I enjoy those same things. But now I appreciate the moves they do a lot more. Not only because wrestling has changed and become much faster and more athletic, but because I know they are putting their bodies, careers, and lives on the line in order to perform.

Speaking of bodies, *cough* these guys look good. It does irritate me when guys say women only watch for the hot guys in tiny trunks but, there's hot guys in tiny trunks!  And they're all shiny. Like new pennies.
Randy Orton. Bronzed god, shiny penny, professional wrestler.
So when you take my life long love of the sport, the hot guys, gorgeous women, and over the top drama, you'll see it was only natural for me to start a series about the wrestling world. It's something I've wanted to write for awhile. And now that I have other things taken care of, I'm pushing forward with it. I'm excited and I hope you'll follow along as I share fun and sexy facts about wrestling (it's so slashy!) and chronicle my journey to book completion. It'll be fun. There will also be tears. Prepare to console me on tough writing days with chocolate.

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